Plan Options

If you would like to sign up for or change a meal plan, start by visiting the StarRez Housing and Meal Plan Portal

From here, you can sign up for a new COMMUTER meal plan, or change an existing meal plan by clicking "Apply Here" at the top of the screen (online option to change meal plans may close as the start of a semester approaches - changes are only allowed until the first Thursday of classes). To cancel your existing meal plan, or for any meal plan related questions, please contact

  • Meal Swipes can be used at Hubbell Dining Hall, Quad Creek Café and Spike's Spot Convenience Store. 
  • Flex Dollars can be used at any of our campus dining locations. 
  • All flex dollars and meal swipes expire at the end of the semester.
  • Students on the 195 and 335 Block meal plans can convert up to 100 meals per semester to flex dollars. Fall Meal block conversions can be done during the following dates: September 16-27, and October 21-25, 2019. 
  • Students who have the 195 or 335 Block Meal Plan can complete Meal Plan Conversions online at the StarRez Portal. Students may only convert a maximum of 100 meals per semester.   1 Board Meal = $4.00 flex dollars.

    Steps for making meal plan conversion selection

    1.      Log into the housing and meal plan application at StarRez Housing and Meal Plan Portal

    2.      Click on “apply here”

    3.      Select the current application

    4.      Click on Meal Plan Conversion five

    5.      Select the number of meals to convert

    6.      Click on Save and Continue

    7.      A confirmation email of the conversion request will be sent to the students email account

    Questions may be directed to