By protecting and improving our environment, the communities where we do business and the students we serve, Sodexo makes every day a better day and every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

Sustainability Initiatives

We recognize that we have a responsibility to use our resources wisely and to protect them for future generations. Natural materials, foods, and packaging, proper farming and trade practices, and innovative recycling programs are just a few of our sustainable practices.

Sodexo has embraced the United Nations definition of sustainable development as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sodexo also supports the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, a high-visibility effort to make campuses more sustainable.

How Drake University Dining Services Is Promoting Sustainability

Sodexo Campus Dining Services at Drake University is making progress in efforts undertaken to promote an environmentally friendly campus. Several areas of emphasis in current initiatives undertaken include:

Resusable Hot Coffee Mugs/Cold Drink Cups: Available to use at the Olmsted Coffee Shop and Cowles Cafe
Biodegradable Utensils in Quad Creek: Environmentally friendly silverware that can be put in the compost bin and breaks down within one to five years.

A transition to a new ware washing program, the Apex System, through Ecolab that supports a more environmentally sustainable approach. Sodexo Announces New System to Boost Positive Environmental Impact

  • Recycling Program Launch
    Mixed paper, newspapers, cardboard, plastics, and metal cans are collected in recycling receptacles located in dining operation production areas and Sodexo offices. Plastics #1, #2, #6, #9, Cardboard, Mixed Paper, Newspapers, Metal Cans

  • XpressNap Launch
    100% recycled napkins and one napkin at a time dispensers, in all dining operations, reduce paper waste by 20-40%. Sodexo Marks One Year of Recycled Paper Napkin Program
  • Sodexo at Drake Composting Program
    Sodexo’s evolution has been rooted in a strong philosophy and respect for human and ethical values, which form the basis of our commitment to Office of Sustainability. With this program, we aim to benefit the environment with our unwanted food items and encourage students to do the same in their everyday lives. This year we are happy to announce that Quad Creek Cafe is now taking part with our Composting Program, along with Hubbell Dining Hall.

Post Consumer Paper Fiber Cups
Starbucks We Proudly Brew Coffee is served in Starbucks Coffee cups made with 10% post-consumer recycled paper fiber with Starbucks Coffee sleeves made with 60% post-consumer paper fiber. Use of post consumer paper fiber will reduce Starbucks use of tree fiber, saving roughly 75,000 trees a year.

Post Consumer Paper Fiber Packaging
Pizza packaging is made from 75% post consumer paper fiber or made from recyclable corrugate material.

Increased use of paperless marketing and communication, via the Drake Dining website, BlueView Campus Portal, digital menu screens, Quick Response (QR) codes and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare) has reduced paper waste.
  • Re-usable water glasses are available at both coffee shops on campus.
  • Trayless dining saves thousands of gallons of water and reduces electricity and chemical use for cleaning the trays.
  • Managing food waste in a sustainable way through continued training of our teams and continued utilization of a Food Management System to find the best management practices for food at the stages of purchasing, menu planning, meal preparation, as well as, after the meal has ended through its composting system. As Sodexo continues to utilize these key elements in managing daily operations, an additional benefit has been recognized for staff training on the correlation between menu planning and the environmental impact of food waste reduction.

  • Sodexo at Drake University has registered for membership in the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign conducted by the Drake Agricultural Law Center, in 2010, 2011, and 2012, in an effort to reduce transportation costs and pollution, while supporting local/regional products when available through Sodexo approved purveyors.

  • Partnerships with local/regional suppliers and vendors in which Sodexo encourages our suppliers to enhance, protect and restore the environment. In addition, requiring all manufacturers to adhere to the guidelines contained in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • Inclusion of local, organic, and natural products into the operations
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Lemars IA
  • United Natural Foods: Natural & Organic Products
  • Albert Organics: Natural & Organic Products
  • Loffredo's Produce Company: Local – Regional Produce
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